Strategic Consultation: Industry-Leading Trading Platform


Our client was an industry leading trading platform, and approached our team to work with their development staff on a short-term, high-level consultation, as Lead Developer and Technical Documentation Creator.

Client: Industry Leading Trading Platform


Among the consulting services our leadership team provided to our client:

- Create Technical Documentation for current platform features and to provide ideas along with full documentation for new features that had yet to be created.

- Give the insight an experienced team in the trading industry had such as foreseeing potential market impacts from new features, providing actual use-case scenarios for the features, and then accurately translating those ideas into a user story format for full documentation.

- Have a Team Lead Developer that could build out those features along with managing in-house programmers, fixing unresolved software bugs, and attending to other tasks their team could not resolve.

Project Implementation

  • Created and re-wrote documentation for all major new features of the new version platform roll-out.
  • All technical documentation created in a high-level, user story format using Confluence.
  • New features documentation and build for items such as options pricing models, account margin, contract trading ladders, and other features.
  • Serving as a Lead Developer, our team also built and managed the build of many of the new features while also providing key support for the current version.

Technologies Used