Crypto Custom Web App Database


Our client had significant data requirements with the end-goal of building an on-demand historical database of crypto pricing for numerous coin pairs across multiple exchanges. We were presented with the task for producing multiple end-uses for database, with the primary goal of providing users with the ability to select data for any crypto coin-pair to feed into custom analytical models. Among those models, where the ability to test arbitrage price relationships across different exchanges, see seasonal trends of crypto prices, and apply other custom analytics.

Client: Large, Start-up Crypto Trading Firm


Our team custom built an API connection to Brave New Coin and fed that into a custom Grafana dashboard. Using Grafana, we were able to set up various modeling options, charting and dashboard reporting elements the client could use on-demand to analyze the custom strategies, mock-up crypto portfolios, and visually asses other crypto pricing analytics.

Project Implementation

  • Application built to handle significant amounts of historical data across thousands of coin pairs, and use that date to test nearly any crypto investment strategy fed into the model.
  • Tick level bid-ask custom charting capabilities, with ability to model and chart a historic exchange arbitrage value across numerous exchanges.
  • Custom charting, matrix, and table output reporting options, along with automated CSV output features.
  • Ability to integrate with any WebSocket API feed beyond Brave New Coin.

Technologies Used