Desktop Application: Market Making in Futures


This project required a complete custom application built from scratch with the primary need of establishing and maintaining an API connection to the CTS/T4 front-end platform. The application required a full back-end build to automate the full execution of market making strategies in futures spreads across a range of markets. Additionally, a custom UI build was required for running the application and managing the trading system.

Client: Proprietary Trading Firm


Our team built the required custom application, including all backend and UI elements. We also created all trading spec logic, which strategically will make a two-sided market in a chosen spread and then dynamically hedge that position on full execution.

Project Implementation

  • Market risk management elements; new positions automatically hedged or covered, orders pulled when/if hedge market loses bid/ask, fast manual override functionality, high volatility/tick alerting to automatically pull orders in unstable market conditions.
  • Technology risk management elements; connectivity monitoring/alerting, automatic pull logic on first indications of connection loss, in-app order management for adherence to Exchange imposed messaging quotas.
  • High importance on low latency performance, with application tracing time executions and speed optimization.
  • Custom UI mechanics, giving user ability to scale trading quickly, execute program starting/stopping on the fly, and order management sorting methods.

Technologies Used