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Helping companies leverage financial data and process automation to increase efficiency.

An emergent behavior or emergent property can appear when a few simple agents operate in an environment, forming more complex behaviors as a collective.


The study of human control functions and of mechanical and electrical systems designed to replace them, involving the application of statistical mechanics to communication engineering.

Emergent Cybernetics specializes in applying various tools and techniques across a full technology stack to financial data and systems. Our goal is to have an automated system emerge from all the parts and pieces humans interact with.

Depending on the problem being solved, we make use of technologies such as databases, APIs, machine learning and business intelligence to extract key insights from data to give companies an edge.

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Difficult Problems Require Unique Solutions

Emergent Cybernetics's team comes from a deep and diverse background. With experience and expertise across a wide variety of fields. We bring a unique perspective to your problems to help refine a solution that gives you a competitive edge. We have worked across industries such as commodity trading, enterprise accounting, product design, manufacturing and software development.
  • Emergent Cybernetics builds custom trading strategies for various trading platforms. We specialize in automated strategy development. This allows our clients to focus on strict application of their trading system; removing emotion and poor execution from their trades.
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  • Emergent Cybernetics built a custom system to parse the CME data and turn it into actionable reports for our client.
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  • Given our expertise in Excel and NinjaTrader, we have developed a unique offering to our clients for automating backtesting and reporting. Most traders trade numerous markets or various strategies concurrently and need the ability to see a portfolio level equity curve and historical stats based on all markets traded. We have built a solution for this backtesting for our clients and offer this as a custom service.
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  • Emergent Cybernetics built a system to extract market data and then use that data to train a LSTM model on several markets. The system utilized TendorFlow and Keras in python to train the LSTM model. That model was then loaded into a C# trading platform and utilized TensorFlowSharp to pass live trading data to the model for evaluation and prediction. An automated trading strategy was then built to take trades based off the predictions.
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  • Emergent Cybernetics built a web app that connected to our client's brokerage account REST API to log each trade in real time into a database. The recorded data was then queried in various was to present several different options premium management and summary reports.
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  • Emergent Cybernetics builds custom trading indicators for various trading platforms. Given our 20+ years of combined experience in trading and system automation, our expert knowledge of indicator development allows us to create custom indicators tailored to our client's exact specifications.
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  • Emergent Cybernetics focuses on trading options for our own operations. We know a great deal about constructing option strategies. Once a trader knows their risk parameters for an options trade, they need to find the most optimal options that fit those parameters. Manually searching through the vast number of options contracts available is a challenge all option traders face. Emergent Cybernetics has developed proprietary tools that we use to help our clients overcome these challenges.
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  • Emergent Cybernetics can apply various techniques to help you manage your trading risk. From advanced position sizing to margin requirement management, we work with our clients to manage risk in the worst-case scenarios possible during trade execution.
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  • Emergent Cybernetics builds custom REST API integrations to trading brokerage firms, payment gateways and various other third-party systems. REST APIs provide a generic interface that we can leverage from most systems. If there is a third party our clients need to access over the internet, REST APIs are our preferred method. Depending on the requirements, websockets and custom SDK are also solutions we have used to solve our clients problems.
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  • Emergent Cybernetics has worked with the Stripe and payment gateway APIs to build custom payment integrations into enterprise applications. We have integrated desktop applications, websites and mobile apps to allow them to collect credit card and bank account data, charge credit cards and bank accounts, migrate data into the payment gateways and refund transactions in a PCI compliant way.
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  • Emergent Cybernetics developed an automated solution for importing monthly RINs data released from the EPA. Created an automated parsing tool to separate and organize the monthly data dump. Automatically fill the data into a balance sheet developed from scratch for the project, which also was built to give the client modeling and forecasting capabilities.
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